Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So I've posted about this several times here before and I was pretty much wrong every time until now. The new record is finished. It's going to be called Death Mountain and not Singing Mountain. The following is the tracklist and yet again more lies as "Kakariko Village" will be the final track. I'm still trying to find a label to put it out since Epicene founder Matt Reis has decided to call it quits on doing the label. I'm extremely happy to have had the chance to work with him, he's great guy running an awesome label and I'm sad to see it come to an end. The following will be the tracklist for Death Mountain:

1. Stalfos
2. Gyorg
3. Daphnes Nohansen
4. Red Candle
5. Grumble Grumble
6. Syrup the Witch
7. Kakariko Village

In the meantime I'll be doing a short run of 20 CD-Rs for the record just like Hyrule with another version to follow as soon as I can find a label. You will be able to get the CD-Rs directly from me when they're finished.

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