Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Death Mountain and split with Brian Grainger both available now!

Death Mountain CD (2008 INSTALL)

Millipede, fresh from his split cassette with Brian Grainger at Milieu Music, appears here for his very first full-length album, "Death Mountain". A huge, towering monolith of a record, this sounds exactly like you'd expect with a name like that. Gigantic masses of distorted guitars lock together to form chunks of shoegazing space-dust and singsong feedback. This is music for a weary traveler on a long and lonesome quest, and quite possibly the heaviest album we've released in this series! For fans of tape hiss, distortion pedals and dreamy riffing coated in fuzz-bliss, check this one out!


Brian Grainger & Millipede Play Ancient Hylian Folk Songs C-40 (2008 Milieu Music)

The first tape here at Milieu Music, and a very unique one at that (although I understand that not everyone buys tapes anymore, so every
order for this release comes with high-quality MP3 files!). Splitting sides with recent Install-inductee Millipede, this
is a 40-minute quest through the Hyrulean kingdom, chock-full of dangerous mythical beasts, alluring forests with giant talking trees,
beautiful maidens and boss fights, where our hero in green will have traveled through time to save the world so that we may spin
these tales of battle and woe. What remains of that kingdom? None remain who know...


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