Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Millipede Album News

Quietly, I have been hashing out the details of the next Millipede full-length. No title yet, but here is a full list of songs that have been recorded that may or may not be included on it:

Ice Cream Melting
Confetti & Cupcakes
Nitrous Dream
Full Bloom
Cotton Candy Hair
A Rainbow Beam From Your Mouth
Flowers Wilting
Into the Rabbit Hole

There is also one finished song that has no title as of yet.

Tracking has been a very tumultuous affair....one day things go unexplicably well, then another I write and record for five or six hours and scrap every note. So far the finished pieces are (I believe) the best things I've done. The trees around my new house are beautiful this time of year with their white and pink blossoms and have been an obsessive bit of inspiration to me. I may post pictures as I've taken tons of them. I've been going through old photos and playing Mario Kart Wii and Resident Evil 5. That is all for now.

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